How to Bet and Play Online Craps Game

How to Bet and Play Online Craps Game

January 28, 2018 0 By Romsey Kortis

To place a bet on the table, select a value from the tab at the bottom of the screen. Once the chip has been selected, you can place a bet by clicking on the table, or remove a chip with a right click. Some bets, once played, can not be removed until that bet has been resolved.

Move your mouse over a betting area to reveal your name. There are some places in the garbage table that can be used for multiple bets. When you mouse over a bet place you will be informed of the type of bet that can be placed.

The dice are thrown when the button is clicked on ROLL. It is possible to roll the dice without any bets on the table. One can choose to do this if he / she waits until after a point is settled before the bets.

You can not leave the game while the bets are still on the table. Please wait until all bets have been settled before leaving the game.