Blackjack Tips

June 2, 2016 0 By Romsey Kortis

It does not matter how long you have been playing the game of blackjack everyone can always use some blackjack tips to help increase their chances of profiting. Some of the tips are obvious while other tips are ones that no one would have probably ever considered in a million years. Below we have listed some of the blackjack tips that may help you score more wins while at the same time making sure that you have very few occurrences of losses.

Blackjack Tips:

Before you consider playing blackjack at the casino for the first time make sure that you practice online for free so you can have a feel for the game while at the same time become familiar with the terms and how everything works.
Make sure that while you are playing the game you remember to tip the dealer. This will work out in your favor for a variety of reasons. First, the dealer will be in a more cheerful mood depending on how much you tip due to the fact that they are not paid much. Second, the dealer will be more willing to send some good luck your way.
Never split your aces and always split your tens.

Make sure that your hand is always above 17. This is because the dealer has to keep hitting themselves until they at least have a total of 17 in their hands.

Stay focused while you are playing the game. Do not let distractions catch your attention. Also, do not accept any of the casinos free drinks because they are only offering you the drinks to try and impair your thinking which will ultimately win them more money and cause you to lose more.
Make sure that you have a spending limit in place before you sit down at the table and stick to it.
Overall, blackjack is a very popular and fun game. However, one of the drawbacks is it can also be very addictive. If you every feel yourself developing a problem make sure that you seek professional help immediately.